Chapter 6: Empathy in Design and Helping the Wife Follow Her Dreams

INTRO Day number 6 and we’re truckin’ along. Welcome back. Today was a pretty solid day, I can’t say anything out of the ordinary took place. I awoke, made my green tea, I did skip breakfast…BUT…I ended up combining breakfast with my pre-made lunch to create a pretty awesome brunch! It was basically a breakfastContinue reading “Chapter 6: Empathy in Design and Helping the Wife Follow Her Dreams”

The Forgotten Front-End: Development Question and Concern

Yesterday I wrote about my struggles learning JavaScript. It has been a journey to say the least. Today I was inspired to write about my personal experience and understanding of the forgotten art of front-end development in a major corporate environment. As a designer who feels fairly proficient in the front-end I feel like thisContinue reading “The Forgotten Front-End: Development Question and Concern”