Chapter 10: New Year’s Resolutions, the Compound Effect, and 5 Tips to Follow Through

INTRODUCTION Happy New Year’s everyone. I hope everyone is healthy, happy, and off to a great start as we begin our journey into 2021. When midnight struck on January 1st I hope that you entered into that moment with the proper mindset. The mindset that 2021, while seemingly different in energy, is technically just anContinue reading “Chapter 10: New Year’s Resolutions, the Compound Effect, and 5 Tips to Follow Through”

Chapter 9: Bosses, Medical Bills, and Getting Clear on Your Purpose

INTRODUCTION Welcome back to another episode of life as perceived by me. Today’s entry will merely be a tangent, a rant of sorts. I was going to write it yesterday and title it “Tangent Tuesday”, however…it’s currently Wednesday, and I found that I needed to gather my thoughts before approaching my laptop. The further IContinue reading “Chapter 9: Bosses, Medical Bills, and Getting Clear on Your Purpose”

Chapter 5: Learning to Protect Your Energy and Focus

INTRO Today is day 5 in my journey towards trying to restructure my life, but day 2 back to work since I made this declaration. Overall I feel like I’m doing well, but I’m finding that I was only semi-aware of the frustrations I have with my job. Going back into a work environment thatContinue reading “Chapter 5: Learning to Protect Your Energy and Focus”

Hitting the Wall of Life

A poem by ME Hitting the wall of Life, this is a place I know… wash, rinse, repeat…play a game, or watch a show… binging mindlessly on content, killing time and killing dreams…plant the seeds of greatness in my soul confused they never grow…sun and water are required, but most of us rely on faith…butContinue reading “Hitting the Wall of Life”

Depression Sucks, but How Can You Cope With It?

It’s been a long time…I shouldn’t have left you, without a dope read to help you…help you, hel-hel-hel-help you…no, okay. Shoutout to the late great Aaliyah by the way. That was a remixed line from her music in case you didn’t know. Let’s not waste anymore time and dive right in to the title. IContinue reading “Depression Sucks, but How Can You Cope With It?”

My Dad Isn’t Rich in Money, but Money Can’t Buy Respect

Hey TodayTheory squad! We are currently sitting at 9 followers! I am super excited for each new like and follow. You have no idea how incredible it is to have been fairly consistent on this page for almost a month now. I began this journey with the intent of trying to post almost everyday andContinue reading “My Dad Isn’t Rich in Money, but Money Can’t Buy Respect”

2020 New Year’s Resolutions

It’s been another few days and I’m back. Happy 2020 everybody (insert party emoji). I believe it’s important to kick the year off right by declaring my resolutions for the new year. I love and hate the idea of this. I told myself that this year I would not be forthcoming in having a setContinue reading “2020 New Year’s Resolutions”

Time to Retrain the Brain: Laziness with Self

A moment to reflect: Self-talk It’s been a few days now, but I’m back! As the holiday season ramped up my days and night became much longer and more busy and unfortunately my 3-day streak of blogging came to an end. My latest entry wasn’t quite as successful as my previous two, but that’s okay…itContinue reading “Time to Retrain the Brain: Laziness with Self”