Chapter 8: It’s Too Noisy to Hear Your Own Voice. 5 Practical Tips to Silence the Noise.


Hey everybody, I’m back! I haven’t written an entry in several weeks, and allow me to clearly state that the reasoning for that was by design. I made seven entries back-to-back, and while it seemed that my followers went up, and my views increased thanks to my added consistency, I began to question how substantial my entries were becoming. I always am open to sharing my progress with you all but I don’t know exactly how meaningful it is to the reader to read about my steady progress, or lack thereof, daily. I found things becoming repetitive and while we all understand that it might be necessary to paint a wall from time to time…sitting back and watching it dry is probably not the most interesting or helpful aspect of painting said wall. That’s what my posts began to feel like…today however, I have something to say and say it I shall.


The infinite quest for answers…I just wanted to take a moment to admire that section heading because it’s damn good! That could have just as easily been the title of this entire entry (in my humble opinion). What does that mean exactly though? Well, you might disagree…but it seems as though we’re all broken in some degree. The human condition is such that we are constantly seeking to find answers and solutions to the issues that plague us. The biggest issue is not with the seeking, but rather in the idea that seeking alone can resolve that which troubles us. In the modern era we just have access to too many resources that offer us practical advice and recommendations around how we should approach tackling our problems. I’ve found myself going down the black-hole of seeking knowledge and quickly discovered that the dopamine and false sense of achievement provided by the search has left me in the same place I’ve been for far too long now. It’s sad, alarming, and definitely non-productive towards achieving that which we know in our spirits will bring us to our highest sense of self.

In full transparency, during this time off I’ve been indulging on the quest. I proclaimed there would be an entry here around my short-term goals, and thus…no such entry exist. Why is that? I spent more time researching resources that would point me in the right direction of somehow properly crafting a well-documented plan of attack than I did picking up a pencil and piece of notebook paper and simply start writing. Progress over perfection is something we know to do and yet we seek to perfect the way we attack progress anyhow. It’s ironic how the brain works, especially when you’re lost and looking to find something.


It’s hard to imagine that we’re all uniquely designed with our own struggles and paths to success when I find that many people turn to the suggestions of others to help them correct THEIR problems. We’re all looking for some blueprint, a recommendation that comes with a set of guiding principles that we can reference to say that if I follow this verbatim then I’ll be successful. There’s nothing wrong with looking to the success those you admire have achieved, we all need a starting place. I think the concept becomes inherently flawed when we use their exact roadmap that helped them get to their destination as a guiding light to reach our own. What worked for them may not work for you, even if you executed their logic to perfection.

We fail to realize that these people, who were once regarded as regular human beings, we look to had to first live, and fail, and make adjustments, to figure out what worked for them…or helped them break through the glass ceiling we all aspire to crack. The part we fail to do is the “live” part. We have to begin to realize it’s our responsibility to actually make the effort to live out our plan of attack and not just take comfort in the fact that we have one. I say to you…it’s just too damn noisy, and by that I mean that we have been provided too many resources to distract us from actually taking action. There is literally a whole industry built on the hopelessness of humanity. It exploits people’s doubts and convinces them that if they buy some book or course it will simply resolve all of their problems. As I look at my bookshelf, my subscriptions to Audible, SkillShare, and Codecademy…as well as the countless number of courses I’ve purchased via Teachable and Udemy, I find that I’m guilty of this. You most likely are too. At some point it becomes necessary to pick a direction and begin the journey, and not just buy more maps. Buy one, stick with it, and begin your journey. In the midst of the journey if you find yourself needing more resources…acquire them as needed, but don’t hoard them and not take action with them.

I began thinking about The Legend of Zelda. If you’re a gamer then you’ll appreciate the reference. In Zelda the main character, Link, awakens to a calling from within. He takes actions and begins a quest of his own to save Hyrule. Some might argue, well, his quest commences because he is the chosen one. I’d rebuttal and say that Link himself upon awakening doesn’t realize he is indeed chosen. He has this feeling, and he might get validation along the way that he’s special, but what actually begins his quest is the fact that he first felt as though he had a calling and then he began a journey. He doesn’t immediately know what steps are required to save Hyrule, but he begins and the path is revealed to him with each smaller accomplishment. I laughed as I thought through this reference because I’d also like to imagine a world where Link has this sudden calling, but rather than begin his quest he begins buying courses or books around the idea of a quest…or buys Princess Zelda’s autobiography or perhaps the biographies of Links from yesteryear. He stockpiles all of these resources around sleep habits he should adopt to complete a quest, or buys several swords in preparation for the quest but lets many, if not all of them, sitting in a corner and collect dust as he impulsively buys more just imagining what the quest will be like. In the midst of all of this preparation I also imagine him getting fatter and older, while calling and complaining to his friends about others who are on their quest…”He didn’t collect at least 12 heart pieces before leaving, what an amateur! Who the hell starts a quest with only 3 hearts. LAME.” It really is funny to think about, and yet, that’s who most of us are currently. Did the laughter stop, I know it did when I came to this realization.


You ever know you need to turn off your tv get more sleep at night, but look up videos about sleep habits and wait to hear someone else tell you that you need to turn off the tv at night to improve your sleep. Welp, this is that part. The part people make millions doing. I will leave you with 5 pieces of advice that you probably already know and needed to hear from someone else in order to act on them. The lucky part for you is, that as your friend and someone who wants to see you thrive in this life I will offer them to you for FREE!!!! I’m also offering them to myself as well, so to let you know, we’re all in the same boat…equals…on our quest to becoming better versions of ourselves.

  1. Stop Buying Books (at least SO MANY!!!)
    • Stop buying so many books man! Like, seriously…how many does one need to formulate an adequate game plan. Remember, your game plan doesn’t have to be perfect, but you won’t know where you need to pivot or what new tools or skills you’ll need along your path because you haven’t encountered any part of the quest yet. Stop making so many assumptions about the level of preparedness that you need to be in order to be effective. You’re limiting your own progress by wasting time reading countless numbers of books, many of which you’re probably not even completing. I’d also like to state that just because you begin a book doesn’t mean you HAVE to finish the entire thing. Take what you need in order to be dangerous and come back, or move on to the next one, as needed. Buying books and not actually implementing any of their practices in real life is basically just a waste of your money and time. Let’s move forward and not be stagnant.
  2. Stop Watching So Many Videos
    • I get it, there are tons of “influencers” out there. All of them probably taking advantage of your dissatisfaction with your current situation and exploiting your aspirations by feeding you endless amounts of dopamine inducing content. It’s not their fault that they’ve become successful doing it, but that’s essentially what it is. You’re spending more time in your dreams than in the real world attempting to exact changing your situation. If I play Devil’s advocate I could just as easily place the blame on you as well. While some of those creators are looking to monetize based on our broken psyche there are probably just as many who are actually trying to help us. We need to stop binge watching their videos and follow their advice. We also need to realize that the solution they crafted for themselves are not going to be a 1-for-1 solution to resolve our issues. We have unique circumstances and skills that life has afforded us, and we have to find ways to tweak their methods to fit our personal agenda. Turn the screens off and just try to do something rather than imagine yourself doing it.
  3. Stop Reading So Many Blogs
    • Seriously, stop all the blog reading. As previously stated, some blog can be helpful, but once you’ve viewed enough of them regarding the same topic it comes to a point where you’re essentially just feeding the Google search algorithm. The worst part is when you begin to over-indulge on products and services offered by these blogs. Make your purchases in moderation if you feel compelled to take a certain training, and live with that material long enough for it to be effective. No amount of courses or money that you throw at your problems will make them go away. If you’re assuming that once you’ve purchased a set number of trainings that your life will improve, newsflash, it won’t. If anything, you’ll be more broke and equally as unprepared for the evolution you seek.
  4. Stop Watching the News
    • Please, stop watching the news. I’m referencing all news, national, international, local, tech news, food news, cat news, news news, etc…etc…ETC!!!! Set a designated time where you take in a little news but please, time box it. I find that news is still a form of media that seeks to drain your life force and waste your time. The news itself plays on your fears and strategically releases a different brand of dopamine. This brand is not one that makes you feel powerful, but rather…helpless and at the mercy of all the negative things that are allegedly happening around you. You become addicted to viewing it because you have to stay informed and get this feeling that I can’t miss a single moment. You become anxious and paranoid. The only way to ease those fears and concerns is by allowing the anchor to warmly embrace and console you with their slight offering of optimism, lovely smile, and charismatic charm. You all had me fooled for some time, especially during Covid, the election, and all the other upheaval happening around the country and World. I want to clearly state that you should ingest SOME news. It’s wise to stay informed, but my encouragement would be to time box how much you consume because after awhile the news becomes like the radio, they just keep playing the same songs over and over. Get informed, try to acquire different perspective around things happening in the World, not just those that mimic your own, and then please…turn it off and focus on yourself and your loved ones. There’s work to be done.
  5. Stop Listening to Your Friends
    • Please stop listening to your friends, especially if they’re negative. I know it’s easy to vent and complain about your lives with one another. It’s easy to offer each other advice or be skeptical of one another’s desires or goals…especially if they seem unconventional or beyond achievement. It easy to waste a ton of time discussing sports, television, and tons of other meaningless things. Do yourself a favor and turn them off for a bit. We all have a responsibility to ourselves to create change within us, even if that change removes us from that which is trendy and mainstream, and makes us more relatable to the common person. We aspire for uncommon lives but indulge in all that which keeps us living as common folk. I’d encourage you to really be a change leader within your friend circle and see just how many of them you can help feel empowered to subscribe to a new mode of life. One that seeks to maximize their time, productivity, and quality of life, as well as contribution, in this world. If you can find those kinds of friends then listen to THOSE people. Anyone who wants to stay at a low vibration is not needed to aide you on your quest. This applies to family as well. If need be, love those individuals from afar and invest your time lifting those needed for your quest up and allow them to lift you up as well.
  6. BONUS | Stop Listening to Your Doubting Voice
    • This one’s a little far-fetched, but we all have a voice inside of us that tells us what we should be doing, and one that also tells us that which will not work or that we’re incapable of doing. We need to learn to block that pessimistic voice out. When you feel encouraged to do something don’t sit around long enough to get in the way of doing it. The doubtful voice will seek to talk you out of that which may move you just a tad bit further on your quest for greatness. We’re imperfect, and the output of imperfect things is what we should seek in our quest for knowledge, wisdom, proficiency, and perfection. We learn best from our shortcomings, not from living in fear of producing that which falls short by the World’s subjective measure of quality. Be you and embrace the good and the bad.

I just want to say thank you for continuing to be a part of this constant journey. As I continue to fail and learn, we continue to fail and learn together. We will seek to fail less or at least fail faster so that we may achieve the life that we know we’re fully capable of living. If you have any questions or topics you’d like to see me write about then please, feel free to drop a comment below…or perhaps you just want to say “Hey, how’s it going”, that’s perfectly fine as well. I just want you to know, that whoever you are…wherever you are…in whatever stage of life you’re currently in…I from the deepest pits of my spirit love and embrace you wholeheartedly. You most likely stumbled upon me for a reason and I most likely did the same. Let’s work together and go forward in power. I want to feel EMPOWERED so that you may live IN POWER.

Forever and always…be blessed!

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