Chapter 7: Everyday Is Not Eventful, and Sometimes I’m Still Sleep Deprived


Today was not an overly eventful day for me. I did however go to bed extremely late last night trying to help my wife finish up her video for this weekend. This was followed by waking up extremely early and I once again found myself in a position of little to no sleep. I’ve previously written a blog entry awhile back proclaiming that sleep would elude me no more, but…as I also previously written that failure is okay as long as keep trying, I can be honest in saying that sleep continue to elude me…quite often actually.


So let’s focus on the successes for the day first. I had my meals and counted macros. I’m very proud that I’ve stuck very closely to my calorie consumption for each day this week. I’m preparing to get a round of groceries, so this week was more of the test week to see where I may lack certain foods that could round out my diet a bit more. I feel prepared to go forward in full force being very intentional about what I put in my body. That also ties in the fact that so far this week I’ve not had a single cup of coffee, and it’s only been green tea. My tea kettle has been a success and my tea cup help me get awesome flavor out of my tea bags.

Today I did more coding. I focus heavily on objects. I’m working through the exercises provided by MDN around that topic and tomorrow I’m optimistic I’ll be able to get more hands on with async await. It’s exciting to me.


What hasn’t gone so well is my lack of sleep. It seems that ever since college I’ve had a miserable sleep schedule. I either am forced to remain sleep deprived throughout the day or I go to work, log off, and take an extended nap which eats into much of my evening. Neither option is a good option. I’ve got to find ways to become more intentional about getting the right amount of sleep. When I find myself well rest it’s quite obvious that my brain is functioning at a level that even surprises me. I want to harness that feeling forever, especially before I begin to dive into a new workout routine next week.

My goal is to be in bed at a decent time and up early, well before the sunrise. I’m currently getting up around 6:30am – 7:30am, but sometimes with only 3-5 hours of sleep in me. This blog might seem a bit phoned in because truthfully, I’M TIRED!!!! Tomorrow is a new day and all I can do is continue to make incremental progress to transforming into the new me.


Here comes the random part I almost forgot. I spent a few hours today working on what I feel is a pretty awesome poem. I think I might end up recording it for my YouTube channel in a spoken word style. I used to rap in my late teens and early twenties, but I’ve gotten away from it. I have a good friend who was name Poet Laureate in my city and just seeing her flourish in her truth and passion has inspired me to want to write again. Even if I only do it for me it’s still a nice creative outlet for day like today.


Anywho…enough about me. I hope everyone out there had an incredible day. If you’re up late please do yourself a favor, and get some rest. Sleep has dramatic effects on your mental health and physical health. It’s often stated but it’s blatantly obvious when you find yourself slugging it through the day, or having doubtful thoughts or anxiety. Rest isn’t the only answer to those things, but it definitely help to resolve some of the angst on those things.

With that being said…be blessed until we meet again!

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