Imagine Just Following Your Heart

For every thought of action there is a moment of doubt or distraction. Imagine if you just moved forward in the direction your spirit was already telling you to go. This thought hit me this afternoon, not for the first time…but for what seems like the one millionth time.

I too often find that as a regular human being there are moments where I’m inspired and motivated in a direction only to fall short of taking actual action. My fire is only re-ignited when I see someone else who consistently takes action and acquires those things which I seek to attain. At that moment I’m instantly reminded that I’m staring at the position that I very well could be in myself. As a person who constantly overthinks I actually waste time seeking permission to take said action when I already know how I should approach a particular thing.

Let’s use sleep as an example. My sleep, as previously mentioned in another one of my blog entries, has consistently proven to be something that has eluded me. It’s due to no real complications other than my lack of discipline. Going to sleep and turning off the tv seems so simple, but I find myself reading books and listening to podcasts waiting for some influencer to echo the ideas that I already know to be true and effective. This same thing applies to exercise, eating healthy, learning a new skill or improving upon an existing one, etc. etc.

Why do we waste so much time looking for someone else to verbalize the answers that we instinctively and intrinsically know to be true? Why do we give everyone else more power than we give ourselves? What makes a person take action when someone like The Rock tells them to work out when they’ve known for years that working out would help them to achieve their fitness goals? Why do we render that voice that lives within us to be powerless and less influential?

My encouragement to me and to you is to listen to your conscious. In the children’s movie Pinocchio we are encouraged to “always let your conscious be your guide”, but the older we get we become subdued creatures of habit. We go to school, follow our parent’s rules, listen to our employers and managers, and completely lose sight of the fact that we have just as much power to make decisions of our own free will as those who make the decisions and rules for us.

Stop following and become a leader in this world and master of your domain. Next time you feel the urge to go in a direction only pause to ponder if it’s something that moves you further ahead in the way you wish to go in your life. If the answer is yes, don’t hesitate…take action now. Delay those things which don’t move you closer to true happiness and fulfillment…don’t delay that which leads you to becoming a better version of yourself.

Be blessed and love you all!

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