Quarantine, Time with Myself, and Leveling Up

Intro and Encouragement

Hello World! I hope all is well with everyone and my prayers are that everyone is healthy and keeping safe out there. I know things are crazy right now with the Coronavirus looming over us. I offer this encouragement without judgement, be sure to follow your spirit and make the decisions you feel are best for you and your family…and not only that, be firm in those decisions. Be willing and prepared to deal with whatever comes as a result of your actions. I know some will choose to go out as their state opens, and other will stay in…regardless, it is not my place to tell you what to do, just be mindful of those around you and be safe. We will get through this. For those of you concerned about potentially going back to work in the midst of these times, my encouragement to you will be to always choose life over money. I know a financial struggle is a struggle, but with time and dedication it can be overcome…life is too precious to position yourself to possibly die for a paycheck. Don’t allow any person to convince you to sacrifice your health for the sake of their bottom line.

Quality Time with Yourself

This brings me to my next topic, how has your quarantine been? I hope it’s been going okay. I hope that you’ve had the things you’ve needed to get through and that you’ve been able to spend some quality time with yourself and your family. I’ve been fortunate to be able to work from the house but it has been intense. I refuse to complain, but between meetings, projects, and also having to parent and be a teacher all day…it has felt extremely busy.

In the past two weeks we have finally gotten into a solid routine around here and I’ve been trying to prioritize some me time. I’ve been trying to avoid consuming too much news, even though it comes at me from all sides….tv, push notifications, social media, etc. The news cycle is vicious, some being positive, but most being pessimistic.

Regardless, I’m finally grabbing onto a routine. In the morning I’ve been making a cup of coffee and reading at least one chapter from a book (The One Thing by Gary W. Keller). In the afternoons once my work and meetings have completed I’ve been really trying to focus my energy and effort into the things I’m interested in. I’ve been studying logo design, typography, coding, piano, drawing, and…we have discovered a problem here…while these things have been intriguing I’m finding it very difficult to focus on building a level of proficiency in any one thing.

Experimentation is Fine…to a Point

While exploring all of my interests I can’t help but constantly think about the end state of this journey. I constantly consider myself blessed to have a job, but the idea of being able to build proficiency in a passion and monetize it becomes more appealing by the day…and hopefully not just for me, but for you too.

I hate to seem ungrateful because I know people have lost their jobs and can’t find one currently, but that’s the point…we’re all struggling in some capacity. My wife stopped working with the birth of our youngest child and has been able to be off of work for a significant amount of time. Her income nearly matched mine, so when she stopped working our total household income reduced by half. We had a game plan between the money we had in savings, and my salary, that allowed for her to basically stay at home and take care of the baby until she reached a certain age. She’s at that age now. What I find though is that now with the state of the world being what it is we find ourselves on the clock. My wife isn’t going back to work as of now, I will not place my baby in childcare, nor do I even want my older children heading back to school…not until some of the conditions around this virus have been ironed out a bit better (medication, vaccines, testing, etc.). This presents an interesting dilemma, especially if my savings reaches zero…which in reality it very well could.

I see stories everyday of people having to make potentially life-altering decisions to avoid falling into bankruptcy or homelessness, and the idea that it could be me is alarming. So many of us have depended on the meager wages our employers allow us that we constantly forget how close to bottoming out we really are when something drastic happens. With the depletion of my savings I would still find myself in several precarious situations. These include the obvious…being broke and unable to afford common necessities, but also include forever being unable to pay off my student debt, pay off all of my credit cards or my car loan, and definitely continue to only view the ownership of a home as nothing more than a dream.

It reminds me that experimentation at some point has to lead to ownership, not just of the thing we’re passionate about but ownership of our lives again. We need to constantly be in pursuit of our dreams because society truly doesn’t care that much about us. Everything is designed to keep us at the bottom if we allow it to.

Find our Voice, Again!

We’ve been so programmed and reduced to complacency that a lot of us don’t even realize who we are anymore. We don’t know what we like, what we wish to pursue, or even how to have a single independent thought that isn’t rooted in political correctness or appeasing others. We’ve lost our fire and will to fight and aspire.

We have to reclaim our spirit and work to level up. Stop waiting to be inspired or motivated, take small steps and inspire yourself everyday towards whatever your goals are. Don’t sit back and wait to be left for dead when the going gets tough, don’t be picked off by natural selection. We all have a choice everyday to make small steps towards the bigger picture.

It’s not easy. We have to begin to break free of confusion and overthinking. That’s where I find myself a lot these days…overthinking. I see so many people who are in positions of leadership and influence and find it difficult to understand the difference between them and I. I’m just as capable, and just to clarify I actually mean that WE ALL are just as capable. Stop settling for the scraps, you’re worth more than that.

The End

That’s all I got for today. I know my thoughts are all over the place but hopefully the message finds somebody. Basically to sum it all up, everyday we go out into this world to live someone else’s dream and pad someone else’s bank account, and it’s just not right. If these times have shown us nothing about how the rich continue to stay rich and about how much they care about us then we have learned nothing. I’m not mad at the rich, I’m mostly upset that the wealth gap is glaringly huge and most of us tend to choose to do nothing about it within the context of our lives. I don’t know how to transcend the middle class so that’s not an indictment against anyone, as I’m sure most of us don’t…but perhaps with a little effort everyday we can figure it out. I know it happens all the time. I hate the idea of knowing that the clock is ticking on my financial downfall when my mind is capable of so much more. If you feel like that too then please, aspire for more. Wake up and reach for the stars, they are indeed all of ours for the taking.

Be blessed!

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