Stay Motivated Even When Life Conspires Against You

Here we are…you know what today is, right? It’s Monday! Good ol’ Monday. We all know that this day in particular is dreadful for many. Perhaps Monday technically isn’t your dreaded day, but think of the word as being a metaphor for whatever day that is for you. Being the type of person who lives for the weekend I already know that going back into the office is going to present its own set of challenges. At one point I managed to take most things in stride, but the more I try to figure out myself the less patience I have for the things that don’t serve my newfound understanding and purpose. Let’s dive deeper into this.

The Old Me Just Accepted It

Once upon a time there I was…a much younger, and admittedly, more naive version of myself. I showed up early on Monday mornings highly motivated and ambitious. Whether my day was filled with meetings, conferences, off-sites, or project work…it didn’t matter. I was fully committed to fulfilling my employer’s vision. Sadly, I had no vision of my own and I was convinced that this would be my life’s work…working for somebody else, building a legacy at a place that most likely never considered the idea that I’d ever even have a legacy. Some days would be hard but working towards that next promotion was always the goal. That was everything.

I tried hard to work my way up the ladder. I spent nights and weekends logging overtime (I was on salary so technically it wasn’t paid overtime). I went above and beyond on every project and the end result was always the project manager received all of the praises and the promotions. There was not even a shout-out or acknowledgement for me, or my colleagues contributions. The entire process was self-serving. Somebody was padding their stats in preparation for their quarterly review, but they always did a good job of making us feel as though we were equals, a team in the true sense of the word.

Boy was I dumb, I was really really dumb LOL.

The Season of My Discontent

We now fast-forward to present day. I’ve acquired a newfound understanding of life and what’s most important. The thing is, that understanding without action is basically pointless. You might as well be a hamster on a wheel.

I’ve had some revelations over the past half year, and I’ve come to know more about who I truly I am outside of this character that I’ve built myself to be. I have yet to achieve full self-actualization yet. It’s ramping up, the tension is building, and the change it over the horizon…I can feel, I can taste it, I can see it. However, it seems that Mondays, and most days, I’m presented with blockers…now more so than ever…that look to derail the realization and fulfillment of my greatest potential.

The job has become more demanding and the nights once again have become longer than they should be. I should shut these things down but I feel the need to keep pushing. I have to provide for the family. As I push further my burden becomes heavier. I know I’m just going through the motions and it is sapping every part of my spirit…I feel drained and depleted, but I’m still in pursuit of leveling up and continuing to evolve into the greatest version of myself.

Some days it seems it will never happen, but the unrest I feel in my spirit now…an unrest I’ve never felt…lets me know that this go around is different. I’ve never leapt before, but I feel like I’m closer than I’ve ever been. If you feel like this as well then you’re like me. I know the road isn’t immediate, the success doesn’t come fast, and the transition doesn’t happen swiftly…but I encourage you to hold on and keep having faith in yourself.

The Universe and The Conspiracy

Just when your mentality shifts the your mind wants to block your path and cloud your judgement with fear. It wants to conspire to hold you back and hold you down. It wants to sell you a slightly better version of the dream you once subscribed to in hopes that it will keep you dormant and submissive to the powers that be in your life. It only wants to offer you the bare minimum and provide you with a fraction of what the fruits of your labors are worth.

Some would proclaim that the universe is conspiring against you, I’d argue that it is not that. The universe wants you to be successful and fulfill your highest calling. The world and its constructs are what gets in the way of our pursuit of finding our purpose for being on this planet. I love the movie the Matrix, it’s sci-fi but more importantly it’s a metaphor for our very existence. Red pill or blue pill…it matters, very much so. Fear keeps us from taking the red pill, but everyday somebody’s eyes are open to the truth of a better life, one that is enjoyed outside of the lines…one that realizes everything, even the parameters we live within, are all human-made and that we could just as easily create those parameters for ourselves.


The road to self-actualization and freedom is a long one. It’s not easy to fully shift your mindset and perspective, afterall, we’ve been conditioned since the moment we arrived on this planet to follow the rules and fit inside of somebody elses box. We’ve been taught to obey and meet everyone’s expectation in every aspect our lives but our own. Sometimes life is going to try to get in the way of your mental progress, especially if you’re on the verge of a breakthrough. I want you to remember to push forward regardless and don’t be derailed. Take a stand, stay strong, and let everything and everyone around you know that you are en route to something greater than they could ever imagine.

If you read this I hope you enjoyed it. I love you and be blessed!

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