2020 New Year’s Resolutions

It’s been another few days and I’m back. Happy 2020 everybody (insert party emoji). I believe it’s important to kick the year off right by declaring my resolutions for the new year. I love and hate the idea of this. I told myself that this year I would not be forthcoming in having a set of goals I make known relative to the holiday, but I’ve decided to do so anyway. I’ve been accustomed to partaking in this type of tradition only to find myself revert to the same old mentality and poor habits I exhibited the year before. It hasn’t been productive for me, but I refuse to submit to my old way of thinking and will have faith that something will have finally changed in me this year to pursue the desires of my heart without fail. Let’s dive right in.

Resolution 1: Abide by the Four Agreements

This entry isn’t sponsored, as I’ve stated before I just share what I’m actually doing and reading if it happens to inspire me. I am currently reading “The Four Agreements” by Don Miguel Ruiz and it’s a good book. I believe that my success begins here. If I assess myself I find that I am a person with limiting beliefs. I always think small, or I exercise impatience and it leads me down a road of feeling like I’m not capable of achieving anything more than what I have. I am my own worst enemy. I invest a lot of energy into other people’s opinions and as a result I’m barely living life. I shrink down in the idea that people are always judging me and that is simply not okay. They could or could not be, but that shouldn’t be the reason I deprive myself of being, doing, and seeing more.

The four agreements are:

  • Be impeccable with your word
  • Don’t take anything personally
  • Don’t make assumptions
  • Always do your best
Resolution 2: Get Focused on becoming a Front-End Developer and Branding

I really did try to narrow this down to only one. A person who is inspiring to me is Tyler Perry. I’ve been listening to a lot of his speaking engagements lately and a thing he recommends is focusing on one thing. I’ve heard and read about this in other places as well, but these 2 things in particular are the ones that really have had me for some time now.

I have limiting beliefs in each, but I just enjoy them. I need to get to the point where I truly do just take part in them for the love of creating. I have this terrible habit of thinking about the outcome before I really immerse myself into the journey. As a family man, and a person who is in considerable debt I often find myself doing things with money being the motivator. It really dampens the experience because I always feel this sense of haste or sense of taking no action.

The haste portion of my statement applies to development. I love learning to build things on my computer. However, I plow through courses and materials trying to cram as much information in my brain as possible with this idea that it will lead to a higher paying job. The end result is mental fatigue and sheer disappointment when those things don’t seem to be in my grasp. This causes me to have spells of demotivation which get in the way of the learning process. It also forces me to be hyper-critical on myself believing that I’m simply not capable of becoming a programmer, and the one thing that I do know for sure about myself is that I’m fully capable and intelligent enough to make this dream a reality. I need to forget short-term success now and just learn to love doing what I’m doing simply because it brings joy, fulfillment, and value into my soul.

The taking no action portion applies to branding. This is an area I feel I could dig deeper into and I feel like I’m fairly decent at the craft. The reason why I don’t share more of it online and in the world is because of the limiting belief that there is no money to be made at the end of that journey. I have to stop making these kinds of assumptions. I see people who are successful doing it independently but I often think as though that isn’t possible for me. That idea alone forces me to put that particular passion on the shelf because I want the money and success now. That isn’t healthy and the will lead me nowhere.

Resolution 3: Build Better Habits around Time Management

I need to make optimal use of my time and stop getting distracted. Last night I promised I would get in bed by 10:30pm and somehow I stumbled upon a new series on Netflix that kept me up binging until 3am. That simply cannot continue. My poor habit rub off onto my wife as well and that isn’t fair. I have the television on and she is not really a tv person. I came into her world and disrupted it with my own selfishness. I typically don’t even turn the tv on until about 8pm, but that’s enough to derail one of the most important elements of human existence, rest.

We need rest to function and operate at a high-level. The time I spent watching that show, while it was relaxing, added no real value to enhance the overall quality of my, and our (my family), life.

I also need to schedule out times in my day to dedicate to the things I want to get done. It is very easy for me to get sidetracked throughout my workday by meetings that may, or may not, be important. I can’t fully avoid how that’s going to go, but I can make an effort to reduce interruption as often as I can and make sure the time I designate for the most important things goes uninterrupted.

This also needs to be done for my free time. This includes my mornings, evenings, and weekends. Self-discipline is key and freedom can be found in structure.

Resolution 4: Get back to working out

I know we’ve all said this one, but I’m not getting any younger. It’s time to make time throughout my day to do some form of working out. I want to recapture where I was when I was at my best physically. Every time I go back I lose motivation because of the journey. I fail to remember that when I was at my best that it didn’t happen overnight. I had more time available to me so it was easier, but I still made time and did it just because it was fun for me at the time. The icing on the cake was that I looked and felt good. I also fail to acknowledge that my current physical situation didn’t happen overnight either. This is years of inactivity paired with poor eating and dieting habits. It’s going to take time but I need to do something to build the love for working out again and try to change the mindstate behind my reasons why I go. I’ll add nutrition to this paragraph as a bullet point. My family eats fairly well, we always try to cook at home more often than not, but I could still up the proteins and reduce the carbs and sodium.

Resolution 5: Identify my “Why” to live with faith and purpose

I really have so many things I want to accomplish, but I need to identify my why’s and stay focused on that. I also need to have more faith. I simply do things and proclaim to be a person of faith, but let’s be real…my faith is trash. I love God. I know I could stand to be more consistent with my expression of that and learning around his word, but I do know some things. I know God knows our heart, and I express faith in the things that I do and seek out loud, but in my heart I know I don’t truly believe that many of those things I desire can come true. That’s probably why I’ve proceeded to take action but my actions have not been successful. I really need to reframe my mind to say that the things I feel compelled to do have been commissioned by God, and operate within those without the thought of worldly gain. If it comes as a result of me doing what I do because I feel it must be done, then that is a miracle. One simply cannot just exists around the promises of more money or rewards from your employer, there has to be a deeper meaning to life and purpose in all the things that you do. That’s what I need to seek and find this year. I fear dying not having understood that. I fear dying having been at the mercy of man and not fulfilling my spirit and purpose.

This year I will strive to serve my God, myself, my family, and my friends more so than serve the outside influences and constructs of the constraints the World has placed on me. We all have the ability to be and do what we want and it’s fear that keeps us from ascending to become our best self.


I’m not going to sit here and say “New Year, New Me”. I’ve said it jokingly, but there are many who say this seriously. It’s not my place to judge or interpret the truthfulness behind those words for anybody other than myself. I know there are things I need to work on, and the reason I committed to this activity is because I’ve heard it’s good to write down your goals. Put it in black and white and proclaim it to the universe and yourself so that you may take action to manifest these things. I simply want to be and have the desire to be better. I’m documenting this so that I may revisit this in 364 more days to see how I’ve progressed. Something has to change, and it’s been needing to change for some time. With each passing day I learn more about myself and what I feel can lead me to be all that I know I can be.

This is a long read. I’ve said this time and time again, these entries are for me. If you just so happen to read them then I hope you take something away from it and apply it to your personal journey as well. If you found this you’re obviously in a similar state of mind as myself, so good luck to you and let’s make it happen. Love you and be blessed!

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