I Started Playing Video Games Again and it Felt GOOD! The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Becoming an Adult

I have been working diligently. Probably too diligently. I’m a husband and father of 3 daughters ranging from 14 down to 1. I’m in a blended family, but that’s probably another blog entry…I love all of my children equally. Anywho, as a husband and father I spend a lot of time working my regular corporate gig, and then coming home to do the family thing which is then followed by more work independently to continue to build my skills and portfolio. I’m seek to transition into an entirely new career field as a Full-Stack Developer. It is a lot of work and definitely an uphill climb.

I can comfortably say that being a good family man consumes a good portion of my day. I don’t necessarily always put myself first but I’m learning to designate some time for that. I’ve been aspiring to get back into the gym, start my blog, and eventually build my own application. I hope to accomplish these things soon, I don’t want to be the “new year new me” guy, but I’ll admit that will most likely be me to kick off 2020.

Who Was I Before All of This

Before I became the man I am with all of these goals and responsibilities I was the guy who spent 5 days a week in the gym. I was in the best shape of my life. I also was a poet / rapper who spent my weekends in various spots doing musical performances and spoken word. I also was a HUGE lover of video games. I loved sports games, RPG’s, first-person shooters, platformers, and really just any game that told a beautiful story.

All of that went to the wayside. The old me was buried in the attic…until a few days ago. I dusted a part of the old me off and woke him up, if only for a moment.

Nintendo, A Blast From My Past

The past couple of days I’ve been playing the Wii U. You might say, the Wii U? That’s old. Let me explain. For Christmas I bought my children the Nintendo Switch. I bought them Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Smash Bros. Ultimate. They’ve been playing and loving it. I rarely ever played games with them though because I’m usually working. On Christmas, I decided to sit down and go a few rounds with them. I loved it. It was fun. I was reminded of the times my brother and I would spend together gaming. It wasn’t exactly the same, but it was loads of fun nonetheless.

After this realization I took the Wii U I had disconnected earlier in the day and connected it in the master bedroom. I had a plan. The next day I went out and purchased The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild for the Wii U. I know they make it for the Switch, but I wanted to have some alone time with it in the confines of my own space. Growing up Zelda was one of my favorite game series of ALL TIME. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time was easily my favorite game ever.

I unpackaged it, booted it up, and I instantly got this nostalgic feeling. I felt like a kid again. The graphics are amazing, even on the Wii. That’s one thing I always appreciated about Zelda, was how stylistically the games are always beautiful and occasionally they go outside the lines to try something different. Graphically I began to get Wind Waker vibes. To some degree it reminded me of the cel-shading they used in that game. The gameplay itself definitely reminds me of Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess. I’m no Zelda expert and I haven’t played ALL of the games, but this was giving me some good vibes.

Hours Upon Hours of Fun

I spent hours in front of my TV. My wife didn’t fully understand why, but she played along. She knows that in another life I loved gaming. Before it was trendy, it simply was just good fun for me. As I got older I still asked for games because of the idea of playing them seemed fun, however, I’ve never actually played most of them. I took the plastic off and many of them just sat…unused. This was on the Playstation 3, the XBOX One, and the Wii U. There’s so many games that I’d love to play and never made it to. A part of me thinks about going back and catching up on all the ones I’ve not only missed in my adult life, but also the ones that I wanted to play as a kid but never got the chance to experience. I grew up in a family where money was tight, so getting the latest and greatest games wasn’t much of a priority for my parents.

Will I venture back to see what I’ve missed in the world of gaming over the past decade or so, I don’t know? I do know that I will try to spend a little more time entertaining my interest from the past. It’s easy to begin to lose your identity. As an adult I don’t have the luxury of gaming all day like I used to in my childhood, but that doesn’t mean I have to bury elements of who I was entirely as I work towards who I’m trying to become.


We grow up so fast, and soon we put away the so-called childish things. It’s sad because some of those childish things helped shape us to become the people that we are today. As an adult everything doesn’t always have to be so serious, or just constant work. We should have light moments where we can just immerse ourselves in those things we were interested and curious about in another time before responsibilities started kicking our asses. I’m not saying waste days away on these things, but give yourself permission to explore your inner child and you surely won’t regret it…in fact, you’ll be better for it.

What are some things that you’ve buried away from your past that you wouldn’t mind picking back up and exploring? Let me know in the comments below.

As always, until the next time have a blessed day!

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