Letter to my 80 Year Old Self

Night number 3 and we’re back at it again! I must say, it feels nice to just create without having to overthink the act of creating. Yesterday I had a whopping 4 views on my entry, not too shabby. I’m grateful for every view. As I progress I will try not to make these entries TOO lengthy, but…no promises.

Let’s begin. Recently I’ve been spending my spare time listening to audiobooks and podcasts. I recently completed, and highly enjoyed, the book “Don’t Keep Your Day Job: How to Turn Your Passion into Your Career” by Cathy Heller and I must say it’s a game changer. The book, as most do, offers practical advice but delivered in such a way that almost encourages you to snap out of the trance society has put us in. Completing it felt like an awakening of sorts. I could not get enough of Cathy’s delightful and encourage tone so I followed her over to the Don’t Keep Your Day Job podcast which has been equally as awesome.

The episode I listened to today was titled “4 Exercises to Discover Your Passion Project”. I listened to the entire episode on my long and rainy commute to the good ol’ job and while I was driving I found myself really wanting to complete the exercises. The expectation is to gain some insight into who I really want to be in this life, what I really want to do, and also be able to document the beginning of a personal journey that I can reference and look back upon as time passes. So, here goes nothing.

Exercise 1: Write down your 5 imaginary lives

Cathy poses the question, “what would you do if you weren’t limited by the boundaries of reality or practicality?”

  1. I would make all the trips I’ve desired to make…with just the wife and I as well as with my family. The includes Jamaica to Disney World and many places in between.
  2. I’d code and design (UI/UX/Branding) for a living and work the hours that I choose, allowing me for the freedom to navigate life as I choose.
  3. I’d work out EVERYDAY in some capacity, from weight training to cardio, because I’d have the time everyday.
  4. I’d visit with friends and have house parties and outings that allowed us to just have time to enjoy each other without minimal cares in the world.
  5. I’d bowl A LOT more and buy a boat to fish on. Those are 2 activities I’ve grown to enjoy in my adult life and have very little time to participate in.
  6. BONUS: Attend sporting events and concerts to artists that I enjoy. (Basically, live life to the fullest!)

Exercise 2: Write down 10 things you would do if you didn’t have to do them perfectly.

  1. Draw more and put it out into the world
  2. Sell my design work to clients
  3. Speak my mind more, sometimes I walk on eggshells with people a bit
  4. Put my music and poetry out into the world
  5. Workout more, I sometimes overthink my training regimen
  6. Eat better, I also overthink my dietary choices
  7. Film and take more photos
  8. Blog more (work in progress)
  9. Be more open with my feeling with friends and loved one, I’m a wordsmith but sometimes the word elude me
  10. Go on more vacations, I have a tendency to not go if I can’t go the way I imagine

Exercise 3: Write a letter to your 8 year old self

Dear Christian, so young and innocent. I noticed you are quite an ingenuitive little fella. Your creativity is amazing the way you draw those cartoon characters. Don’t lose that, please. Make that video game you’re dreaming about, Kombat Fighters could be a hit globally. Continue writing your poetry and stories and also do something with that computer knowledge you have. I see you messin’ with that thing all the time and I know one day computers will be HUGE! The only other thing I’ll encourage you to do is to develop some self-motivation. You’re naturally smart…you get all A’s and people praise your intelligence, but everything in life isn’t going to be so process oriented. School and grades provide you a very linear path to success but life isn’t that. Don’t become complacent in your accolades today and always strive to learn and get better outside of the classroom. Mom and Dad don’t know exactly where to direct your talents and interest, but spend some time figuring it out on your own, you’re fully capable. I love you man, the future will be bright for you someday.

Exercise 4: Write a letter from your 80 year old self

I’m going to tweak this one a bit. I’d like to write two letters to my 80 year old self, as life could provide for 2 possible outcomes…the one if I don’t make some changes today, and the one if I do.

Letter A: Wasted My Life

Hey, what’s going on old man. Look at you…you’re a real piece of work. I want to say, that even though I’m frustrated with you…I still love you and at least I’m still here for you and that means you won’t officially die alone. You’re wife left you because you too often neglected her, and your children don’t have the time for you…much the same way you made little time for them growing up. You left an impact on them mentally, but you just didn’t invest enough emotionally. It’s ashamed that a majority of your life was spent in the 4 walls of your bedroom, in front of a tv, on YouTube watching other people live, or at that miserable job you invested 40 years into. You had such potential but you never wanted to be great. You were complacent and let life pass you by waiting for the perfect moments to live…and now you’ll die never finding them. You have no friends, and you have no legacy to leave to this world other than your amazing children who have gone on to at least find themselves in this life due to your inspiring and sometimes lengthy chats with them growing up. May you rest in peace and I pray you go to heaven. You were a good man…you really were. You just squandered your life.

Letter B: An inspired life

Hey man, I just want to say I’m proud of you. Life was abysmal for you and you finally flipped the switch and changed for the better. I’m glad you finally stopped watching so much television and actually invested serious time into your passions. Some of the brands you helped build are world-renowned and that app you helped to develop really helped people get up and make serious changes in their lives at a time when the digital age was sapping people of their life force. Your kids are set for the future through the love, time, and energy you invested into them and they now have loving families of their own. It’s nice to see that your efforts had a real impact on society and your wife is eternally grateful for being the man she always knew you were and could be. Traveling around the world with her must’ve been a special time. Also, I’m glad you eventually quit that job. It was killing you and making you into a miserable person. Everyone could see it. Once you quit you were different, but by different I mean better. Your health really took a positive turn and your aura was just significantly more pleasant. Thanks for really putting a quality effort into transitioning into the best version of yourself. You rock.


There currently is no conclusion. This really is the start of a journey and I don’t know where it’s going to take me. Looking at the words I’ve typed really helps me to gain some perspective into where I should start. If you’re looking to make a change in your life I’d recommend doing these exercises yourself and also follow Cathy Heller and the podcast. I’d recommend buying her book as well. This post is completely unsponsored, but as I find things I find helpful I will always share them with my circle of friends and followers.

Let me know in the comments…what is the biggest thing you want to change about yourself and what is preventing you from making the change?

I love you all, be blessed, and i’ll see you in the next one.

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