The Genesis of You (A New Beginning)

Today is the start of a new day. That’s where I’m currently at. Far too many days have I sat around pondering the possibilities of what “could be”. I’ve come to a place of fear, complacency, and depression. All of these are the symptoms of feeling as though I lack purpose in this world at the moment. If you’re like me, you feel that this is not true at all. You feel as though you have so much more to offer. You feel as though you are squandering the blessing of what happens to be your very existence. The probability of you being here at all is so small that it can’t be seen as nothing more than a miracle. With that knowledge it’s hard to believe that you were sent here to waste away at some meaningless desk job, stuck in a financial rut, and moping around filled with stress as you search for the next scheme that will only marginally pull you up out of the ditch in which you reside.

You’re hurting…I know it, I can feel it. You are constantly searching for answers in self-help and inspirational content. The irony is that you’ve read so many books, listened to so many Ted Talks, YouTube videos, and Podcasts that you already are equipped with the answers. Not some of the answers, but ALL of the answers. The common denominator in everything that you’ve listened to is the fact that all the advice you’ve been given is practical. There is no magic formula, you either “do or do not, there is no try”. That quote from Yoda is extremely powerful and true.

I find that all too often we as people complain. We also talk about what we’re going to do more so than actually doing it. If only you understood, if we understood, that the life we aspire to have is within our grasp. If we only took a little bit of action everyday towards our goals and dreams then we’d find them, or they’d find us. The problem is that we dwell in a place of distraction. Think about how much time you spent on the phone today, either watching videos or on social media. Think about how much time you’ve spent in front of the television today on your favorite streaming services. The irony in wasting time on these things is that we’re actually watching other people live the lives we wish to have. We are living vicariously through everything but ourselves, as if becoming the best version of ourselves is such an unachievable feat that only the most “gifted” of us are privileged enough to transcend to that level. That just simply isn’t true.

I find that becoming great isn’t easy, so we settle for mediocrity. We settle for short-term satisfaction and comfort rather than working toward reaching our long-term potential. If this speaks to where you are today I want you to not only know that you’re worthy of so much more, but also you need to give yourself permission to achieve it.

If you’re thinking of giving up or quitting…don’t. Please, don’t. If you’re thinking of killing yourself, don’t. We need you. Stop comparing yourself to everyone else and start running a race against yourself. The world doesn’t need you to be like who you look up to, they need you to be the most beautiful and unique version of yourself. You’re one in a billion, stop trying to be like the masses.

TodayTheory in its current iteration will be a place where people can come to inspire and be inspired. It is my personal journey, and hopefully your personal journey as well. I have no ulterior motives, I just want people (myself included) to find what they’re looking for in life.

Why do this?

  • Because it gives me something to look back on as I move forward in my personal journey. It allows me to document my thoughts, progress, and feelings. It’s a release for me from the daily stressors I face.
  • Because it will help me focus on my own ideas about the future of my life and blog and what I’d like to do with it.
  • Because it gives me a platform to build a community of people who struggle with what I’m going through as well.

My mission is to document the entire story of where I’m at and where I end up.

If you enjoyed reading this, here are a few questions for you:

  • What are you feeling right now and what is contributing to that feeling?
  • What are the bad habits and distractions that are getting in the way of helping you become your higher self?

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